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About Sfunction



Sfunction for Linux

Sfunction Development

1.0.2 has been released. (10-14-05)

1.1.0 should be done soon, under heavy development

You can help speed development toward new releases by submitting ideas for new includes and features via email ( or by the feature requests tracker, acsessible from the following link: Trackers

Proposed features for future releases:

OpenGL with GLUT (1.0.3/1.1.1)

Development for Sfunction 1.1.0 is planned to begin soon. This version will have a function to launch the SFTI, of SFunction Text Interface. This will include several programs that can be run from the SFTI. Beta releases will be made every month or so. The first alpha release for 1.1.0 will be around Mid-Febuary, 2006. Final release for 1.1.0 will be around October 2006. Until then, 1.0.x releases will continue. The last 1.0.x release will be 1.0.5 or 1.0.6. The latest 1.0.x version will be supported with patches (no new features, therefore no new releaes, only bug fixes) every now and then until Febuary 28, 2007. This is to give users time to migrate, and also a stable base for 1.0.x. 1.0.x type functionality (the removal of SFUI) can be achieved by removing the line including sfui.cpp in sfunction.cpp. The last 1.0.x release will probably be around Mid-September 2006.

In sfunction 1.2.x and later, betas of SFGI, or SFunction Graphical Interface, will begin to appear. They can be launched from the SFTI console. Sfunction 2.x.x will include full SFGI, and it will take preference over SFTI, which will be included, and availible as a console application, like an MS-DOS prompt in Windows or a terminal in linux. Sfunction will act as a library to ease programming, and give your programs an interface to operate from, including other useful tools. The first alphas of 1.2.0 will come out around early 2007, after 1 or 2 other 1.1.x releases. Sfunction 2.0.0 alphas are expected around mid-2008. A full 2.0.0 release will be around 2010-2011. 2.0.0 will be a rewrite of sfunction, and will take a lot of time.

The other includes repository may or may not be fully compatible with linux, no testing has been done, and at this point, none is planned.