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Welcome to the Sfunction C++ Includes Project





About Sfunction



Sfunction for Linux

Sfunction Development

Download Sfunction for Windows:

- Download Version 1.0.2 (latest version) [zip file]

Download Sfunction for Linux:

- Download Version 1.0.2 (latest version) [zip file]

Download Other Includes Repository:

- Download Release 1 Revision B (latest version) [zip file]

Please install other includes release 1 (version A or later) before installing Sfunction 1.x.x to ensure compatibility.

Note: Please download the zip file and unzip it to your compiler's includes directory to ensure a fully working install. The directions to install the other includes are the same.

If you would like to get a version of sfunction that has been discontinued, please email us at, and I'll post them here for 1 week, then remove them, simply to reduce website clutter.

Discontinued Releases:

0.9.0 (beta) -does not work
0.9.1 (beta) -does not work
0.9.2 (beta) -does not work
0.9.3 (beta)
0.9.4 (beta) -does not work
0.9.5 (beta) -does not work
0.9.6 (beta) -does not work
0.9.7 (beta)
0.9.8 (beta)
1.0.1 [first public release]